Secure Your Ride

Here at Barbera Insurance Agency in Brighton, MA, we want you to have peace of mind and assurance as you shift gears. We offer auto insurance policies tailored to protect you and your prized possessions, whether it be a family car, an SUV, or a motorcycle.

We conduct a full review of all coverage parts to ensure both safety and financial security. You can also choose from our wide range of carrier-specific enhancements and add-ons to customize your auto insurance policy.

One of these is lease gap coverage, which protects you if the actual cash value of the vehicle at the time of the accident or theft is less than the amount you owe. We also offer accident forgiveness insurance, which helps you avoid a rate increase following the first at-fault accident.

Benefits of Auto Insurance

Getting the right insurance plan for your vehicle can offer a lot of advantages both on the road and in your bank. The uncertainty of driving could bring unexpected damages to your car – whether from a falling branch or animal collision. With our help, you’ll always be one step ahead.

For one, carrying liability benefits ensures that you are financially capable to pay for third-party injuries or damage obligations. You will also get to preserve the market value of your vehicle, as you can regularly maintain for long-term durability and resale purposes. Finally, you’ll be protected from huge expenses in case an accident occurs.

Protecting Your Home and Everything That Matters

Your home is something special – your insurance should be too. Barbera Insurance Agency in Brighton, MA provides specialized home insurance plans and policies with customer-friendly benefits. Secure your prized property with the help of a trusted name in insurance.

Let’s review your coverage limits and talk about other options, such as identity theft coverage, scheduling, and personal umbrella. Whether it’s a condo unit, apartment, single-family, or multi-family residence, we definitely have something to offer you.

Give us a call today and take advantage of the special deals as well as package discounts from our leading insurance carriers.

Benefits of Home Insurance

Get great value for your money by getting an insurance plan with a policy at low monthly premiums. Dedicated to excellent customer service, our insurance agents make sure that you get your hard-earned money’s worth with the insurance plan of your choice.

With a solid home insurance coverage, you can be at ease knowing that your investment is fully protected. Whether your house is damaged by fire, vandalism, or natural disasters, it pays to have a dependable backup option at all times.

Finally, you’ll also get to enjoy long-term cost savings. We understand that regular house repair and maintenance cost can put a considerable dent on your budget. With a comprehensive plan in place, you have the financial capability to maintain your home’s good condition.

Your seat belt is not the only form of protection you need. Call us today at 617-787-2020 to learn more about auto insurance.